I have known Mary Ann for years now and she is the real deal. They are so compassionate and caring, reliable and responsible. You simply couldn’t find a better team to take care of your pets while you’re at work or when you’re away from home.
— John Hatch MVB, MRCVS Owner of Secaucus Animal Hospital
It’s been such a relief having Mary Ann and Stephen walk our greyhound and stay with him when we go out of town. I never feel one second of doubt or anxiety, because I know he’s in great hands. Even before Mary Ann took us on as clients, I was well aware of her dedication and professionalism, and the Jersey City dog community would be lost without her. Amboy gets the individualized attention that he needs (being a lazy and delicate greyhound) and is always excited to see Mary Ann and Stephen. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without them! Oh, they’re great with our two cats, too!
— Brenda S.
I’m so grateful to have found Mary Ann and Stephen at Downtown Dog Walk!! When I moved here eight months ago — I was so anxious about who would take care of my little sweethearts! What a gift to find these two! It is such a relief to know that Ripley (the dog) and Pepper (the cat) are in good hands — for the day (while I’m at work) or for a few days, when I’m away. Not only are they both the ‘real deal’ animal lovers — but Mary Ann is a tremendous resource for everything that JC has to offer in terms of dog/cat care!!! Don’t hesitate for a moment. You and your pets won’t regret it!!!
— Karen H.
Mary Ann and Stephen have been great with taking care of our dog. They have been very flexible with adding walks or making time on the weekend to help take care of Molly when we are out of town. They are very proactive when there is an issue and have done such a great job making sure Molly gets some attention during the day, even playing with her inside if the weather is not the best. Can’t thank them enough for the piece of mind that Molly is cared for during the day!
— Dan E.
Mary Ann & Stephen are WONDERFUL! Downtown Dog walk has been around in Jersey City for years and have a great reputation and with good reason. Attention to detail and the utmost care is given to dogs in their care. I recommend them constantly.
— Michelle J.
I honestly feel like I won the lottery meeting Mary Ann and Stephen — out of all the possible dog walkers in the area, I was referred to Downtown Dog Walk and I’m so glad I was! They are the real deal. I got my pup in early 2014 — my very first! And so, I had so many questions, concerns, etc. and Mary Ann was incredibly helpful and comforting every step of the way. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. She is incredibly knowledgeable and cares deeply about ALL dogs, their well-being, and the community. :) Mary Ann and Stephen are the nicest, most caring and professional team you’ll find in Jersey City
— Ryan W.
The most amazing cat sitters ever! I relocated to NYC with my two cats Max & Chestnut who were both a bit unsettled about the move. Stephen watches my cats when I travel for work. Stephen sends daily updates, pictures and treats my cats like his own. I had many pet sitters in Boston and none can compare to the level of care and thoughtfulness Stephen takes with my cats. Best pet sitters ever!
— Rebecca H
Could not be happier with Downtown Dog Walk! Mary Ann and Steve have been so accommodating with our ever changing needs and requests, which we greatly appreciate. Best dog walking company in the area. Highly recommend!!
— Susie P.
Mary Ann and Stephen walked our two pups for a number of years and we couldn’t have been happier! Both were absolutely wonderful with our dogs. Our one little girl has a bit of a big personality and doesn’t usually like people, but she loved both Stephen and Mary Ann. Not only are Stephen and Mary Ann great dog walkers, but they’re awesome people as well. It was always nice to talk and spend time with both of them. And Mary Ann has so much info on local vets, holistic remedies, dog food, etc, she’s always a great resource if you have any dog-related questions. We moved out of downtown JC almost a year ago and miss Downtown Dog Walk tremendously!
— Stacey M.
Mary Ann is a skilled and knowledgeable walker, not just someone with free time and a leash. She runs the DOGJC Facebook page and is always sharing tips on training and dog behavior. Bueller flips out with happiness when he sees her. Highly recommended!
— Dayvd P.
Mary Ann is the most committed and trustworthy dog walker we’ve ever had. She treats our dog like her own family member, and is 100% reliable. She has never missed a walk and gives our pooch all the love and attention we do! After 3+ years with Downtown Dog Walk, we are so happy to have found them!
— Erica B.
Downtown Dog Walker’s are like family to us. They are reliable, loyal, and so loving to our 2 wiener dogs Olive and Henri. They deserve more than 5 stars.
— Sara H
Mary Ann & Stephen walked my beagle for several years while I lived in the area. In addition to always coming home to a happy pup, Mary Ann went above and beyond on several occasions. Once, there was a gas leak in my apartment and she took my dog along with her all day as we got it sorted out and refused to take an additional payment. It was hard for both me and my pup to say goodbye when we moved! Highly recommended DTDW!!
— Danielle R.
Mary Ann & Stephen are amazing. Mary Ann was the primary dog walker for our sensitive greyhound. She always cared for him better than we could have asked her to, and she paid attention to all his needs and idiosyncrasies. She left us detailed notes everyday. We felt we could always rely on her. She is generous. conscientious, loving, honest, trustworthy, and caring. She even cared for me when I was not feeling well, she was like another member of our family. WE all miss her now that we have moved out of Jersey City. Stephen also took care of our greyhound sometimes and he fell in love with him too. Stephen got him to play, and he wasn’t one to play much. We can’t recommend Downtown Dog walk highly enough! We give them 10 out of 5 stars!”
— Jessica BP.
Mary Ann and Stephen are the kindest, most thoughtful, caring and trustworthy people we know! We wouldn’t trust our animals and our home to anyone else. They are always there when we need them. They are so “in-tune” with our dogs that we are always confident if something is off/wrong they know immediately. We suspect our dogs may like them more than us.
— Evelyn S.
You can’t go wrong with DTDW! Everyone there is professional, kind, trustworthy and loving. Mary Ann and Stephen and crew took care of two of my doggies, Tessie and Joonbug. Tessie was a skittish collie mix, and she loved them all. Joonbug was a crazy stubborn dachshund, and I swear she wanted to leave me for Stephen. Joonbug became paralyzed, and they continued to care for her like their own, even turning up at my apartment one day to help get her properly outfitted in her doggie wheelchair and help train her on using it. They also often house/dog-sat for me as I traveled a lot for work - I always felt comfortable leaving my doggies and home in their care. I love these folks like family, and you and your pets will too!
— Jennifer R.
These guys are the best! We have been using them to care for our cat crew for years and they are so caring and attentive. I wouldn’t hire anyone else to take care of our fur babies.
— Heather W.
Mary Ann and Stephen take great care of our pup! I would recommend Downtown Dog Walk to anyone looking for a caring, responsible team to look out for their pooch. Very easy to communicate and coordinate with. They’re the best!
— Blythe M.
Our dog Maddie walked with Downtown Dog Walk for the better part of 3 years. She loved them and we knew she was in great hands. The only reason we stopped using them was that we moved away!
— Susan F.
Mary Ann acted as primary walker for my pup, Norman, during his final year. She and he bonded quickly and deeply. While she always left reports on him and their walks together, she was especially diligent about providing details and early warning signs after he was diagnosed with cancer. She really cares about the dogs she walks and is a wealth of information about local pet resources. Can’t recommend her enough!
— Les H.
Highly recommended! They have been walking our bulldog since he was a tiny puppy and we trust them completely with his safety and well being. 5 stars in JC!
— Rob R.
Reliable. Consistent. Caring. Friendly. Steve and Mary Ann take such good care of our Duke!
— Megan M.
Downtown dog walk is simply the best. I could go on for hours about how amazing they are and how wonderful they have been to Gracie and I. We have used them for the past 4+ years and wouldn’t have it any other way. HIGHLY reccommend!!!!!!!!!
— Lauren G.
We love Marianne and Steve they are caring, trustworthy, and dependable. We highly recommend Downtown Dog walk to anyone in the area, we’re so lucky to have them!
— Natalie C.
Amazing, attentive, responsive care. Makes my business trips that much easier. Not just for dogs or even cats; Mary Ann takes first-class care of my ferrets when I’m on the road. Highly recommended!”
— Gil H.
Mary Ann is the best. She takes great care of my ferret Roxy and brings her toys every time she comes. It leaves you with a peace of mind to know your little critters are getting good care and playtime when you can’t be home to take care of them.
— Shaun M.
Downtown Dog Walk is by far the best dog walkers we have ever used. Finnegan instantly fell in love with them. They have gone above and beyond all of our expectations: 1) Giving Finn several longer walks “just to bond”; 2)Texting pictures to us practically every day while we are at work (which makes our day brighter) 3) Leaving daily notes about the walk. However, the best example we can give is when they walked Finnegan to our wedding (which no other dog walker in the area would do for us). It made our wedding complete to have our puppy there and to have her be the first to greet us after the ceremony. Then, they boarded her and sent more pictures. We can’t even describe how grateful we are to them. We know a review cannot due them justice, but we hope it gives people a good idea. You won’t regret using them - we won’t let them go!
— Patricia and Joe D.
Thanks again for taking such great care of June. Your level of communication is a great reassurance.
— Kalman F.
Mary Ann is perhaps the best dog walker in the world. She has been walking and caring for my dog for quite awhile. He’s now a senior dog and requires special attention and Mary Ann has just been wonderful. I give her the highest recommendation and trust her completely with my furry best friend.
— AJ
Chef has been great when I get home at night! No issues at all. I’m so happy that we found you two because I know that you give him so much love when you come....and he loves love! Thank you for the notes and text/pics.
— Shana F.
Thanks so much for the text messages yesterday w/photo-video! I’ll spare you the gory details but you totally made my day. And how did you ever get Gina, aka Prima-donna, to come out and play? Gosh. That’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen in years.
— Stephanie G.
Caring loving pet service. I have 2 dogs and a cat and have used Mary Ann numerous times. It’s nice to find someone that you can trust with your little furry family members, and trust going into your home. Thank you for caring and taking great care of my little ones when i am in need. I highly recommend Downtown Dog Walk.”
— Paula P.
We used them when our dog was a pup and needed to go out during the day. First of all- my dog Champ LOVES them both!!! Mary Ann took GREAT care of our Champ! We trusted them both so much that we had them take care of our Champ when we went away this summer. We knew how happy Champ would be with them- and he was!I cannot say how great and respectful these people are to animals. We were very lucky to have met them! Also, they both gave great advice when we were getting our pup trained- and he is a fantastic dog!
— Megan K.
I feel so relieved that she is the one who will walk our dogs when we go on vacation. I could not ask for anyone better. Mary Ann is excellent and understands dogs. She is never afraid to ask questions about what’s best. The dogs love her.
— Sanjay C.
Thanks very much for today. I came back to a completely different dog!
— Karen D.
Mary Ann would be a great choice to walk your dog when you need her services. Great demeanor, personality, and most important she’s on her game to notice when something might not be right. While with a child its pretty easy to know when something is wrong, it’s not as easy with our furry friends. She’s the type of person to notice the smallest thing. And that is the type of person you need while your out to work, or out for the day.
— John H.
Thanks so much for your careful attention to Reilly and your thoughtfulness about Jack.
— Josh G