About Stephen



Dog*Tec CERTIFIED DOG WALKER/Pet TecH First Aid Certified. Apprentice to Ty Murphy (CPDT-KA, CGC) of Mantra Pet, Jersey City (see resources)

Stephen has a deep love of animals and was surrounded by (and raised with) a variety of species since birth. He shared his childhood with multiple: Birds, Newts, Kittens, Cats, Puppies, Dogs, Mice, Hamsters and Ferrets. Stephen has rescued numerous cats off the streets in Brooklyn, spent many hours volunteering at various animal shelters, and assisted in the care of fostered cats & dogs taken in by MCP Rescue. Dogs simply love him,  as he has an energy about him that brings out the best in his canine buddies. During initial meetings all pets seem to trust him and feel safe. They show affection that owners rarely see as their pets meet a stranger for the first time. Stephen is a gifted and creative artist in his spare time.